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Installing GrinderScript.Net 1.1

You download and install GrinderScript.Net in two parts

  1. The binary distribution is downloaded from the GrinderScript.Net 1.1 download page. This package must be installed into an existing installation of The Grinder, see instructions below.
  2. The NuGet packages are installed into your load test project in Visual Studio with the NuGet Package Manager. You can also use the NuGet command line tool to install the packages if you are restricted from, or do not want to, use the Visual Studio NuGet Package Manager. See instructions below for both options.

Installing the binary distribution into The Grinder

Installing the binaries into The Grinder consist of these four steps:

  1. Download from GrinderScript.Net 1.1 download page
  2. Unzip the content of the archive with sub directories to your local hard drive.
  3. Add the GrinderScript.Net lib folder to the classpath of your Grinder Agent start up script. E.g. if you extracted the binaries into C:\tools\GrinderScript.Net-1.1 then you should use

    set CLASSPATH=C:\tools\GrinderScript.Net-1.1\lib\*;%CLASSPATH%

  4. Verify that The Grinder can run GrinderScript.Net load tests. The binaries distribution contains some example load tests in the verifier folder. See C:\tools\GrinderScript.Net-1.1\verifier\README.html for further instructions.

Installing the NuGet packages into your load test project

By now you should have verified that load tests written with GrinderScript.Net are working in The Grinder. Its now time to install the GrinderScript.Net NuGet packages into your load test project.

Installing using the Visual Studio NuGet Package Manager

This is the preferred way to start using GrinderScript.Net in your load test projects. Just open the Package Manager Console, make sure you select the correct project in the Default project drop down list and issue the command

install-package GrinderScript.Net.Samples

Visual Studio will open the packages readme.txt file when the installation is complete. Just follow the instructions here to get going!

Installing using the NuGet command line tool

If you have not installed the NuGet command line tool already, download it from CodePlex. Install it to a local folder, e.g. C:\Util. You install the GrinderScript.Net.Samples package into C:\MySolution\ExternalLibs by running NuGet.exe from the command line, e.g.:

C:\Util\NuGet.exe install GrinderScript.Net.Samples -OutputDirectory C:\MySolution\ExternalLibs

You should get output similar to this (the version numbers might differ)

Attempting to resolve dependency GrinderScript.Net.Core (=

Attempting to resolve dependency GrinderScript.Net.Csv (=

Attempting to resolve dependency CsvHelper (= 1.17.0).

Attempting to resolve dependency GrinderScript.Net.CsScript (≥

Attempting to resolve dependency CS-Script (≥

Successfully installed GrinderScript.Net.Core

Successfully installed CsvHelper 1.17.0.

Successfully installed GrinderScript.Net.Csv

Successfully installed CS-Script

Successfully installed GrinderScript.Net.CsScript

Successfully installed GrinderScript.Net.Samples

The sample code can then be found under C:\MySolution\ExternalLibs\GrinderScript.Net.Samples.\Content. The required assemblies are also found in separate folders under C:\MySolution\ExternalLibs. Include these into your Visual Studio project and follow the instructions in C:\MySolution\ExternalLibs\GrinderScript.Net.Samples.\Content\Samples\GrinderScript.Net\README.html to run the samples.

Please note that CS-Script automatically installs a Scripting.cs with CS-Script examples in the root of your project. You can safely remove this file.

The NuGet packages are also provided on the GrinderScript.Net 1.1 download page. If you are unable to access the NuGet Gallery, you could still download and extract from our download page, and feed the local copy to NuGet.exe with the -Source option. See the NuGet command line reference for usage details.

What's next

When you have completed the installation you are ready to write your first load tests. You might want to read the introduction to writing load test with GrinderScript.Net, before you explore your newly installed samples.