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Bringing the awesomeness of The Grinder to the .Net community.

Bringing the awesomeness of the .Net programming languages to the Grinder community.

What it is

GrinderScript.Net is an open source project, licensed under the Apache License 2.0: It enables you to run load test written in a .Net language in The Grinder. It is not a port of The Grinder to the .Net platform.

You will need to install The Grinder on your load test machines to use GrinderScript.Net. You will also need to install Java on these machines, since The Grinder is a Java based framework. Se the The Grinder download page for details about how to get up and running with The Grinder.

How it works

GriderScript.Net integrates with The Grinder by implementing The Grider's ScriptEngine interface in a thin Java layer. This script engine is registered in The Grinder for grinder.script file names ending with a .dll extension. Internally it uses Jni4Net to load the CLR (Common Language Runtime) into The Grinder's java worker processes and to forward calls back and forth between The Grinder and your load tests.

This means that you can use all the features of The Grinder to distribute and run your load tests and to harvest the result of the runs. You can also reuse all the reporting and analyzing tools of The Grinder it self, and those provided by the Grinder community.

It adapts The Griders use of a .properties file to configure your load test run. So if you can configure a Grinder load test run, you'll also be able to configure a load test run using GrinderScript.Net. All you need to learn is the properties GrinderScript.Net uses. These are described in this documentation, and you can find a complete overview in the properties page

Getting started

The natural next step in exploring GrinderScript.Net is to install it, as described in the installation page