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JIRA Report

Fix VersionPriorityKeySummaryStatusResolution
1.1MajorGSDN-33Add support for running a pure C# script file as a load testClosedFixed
1.1TrivialGSDN-34Download location is not resolved properly in release tweetClosedFixed
1.0.3MinorGSDN-13Links to Github repository are broken i sub modules. Works from parent moduleClosedFixed
1.0.3MinorGSDN-31It's possible to uninstall the Core NuGet package when the Csv package is installed, because the Cvs's Core pacage dependency is not declaredClosedFixed
1.0.3MinorGSDN-3Package the site as a docs folder in the binariesClosedFixed
1.0.3TrivialGSDN-24Minor site improvementsClosedFixed
1.0.3TrivialGSDN-30Keep generated and hand written doc in separate folders, and reuse more properties from the pom in the documentation to make it more up to dateClosedFixed
1.0.3TrivialGSDN-32The NuGet ApiKey should be provided as a parameter during releaseClosedFixed
1.0.3TrivialGSDN-25Setup user, developer and announcement mailinglistsClosedFixed
1.0.3TrivialGSDN-27Setup local Jenkins release jobClosedFixed
1.0.2MinorGSDN-12Generate version info in all AssemblyInfo.cs from POMClosedFixed
1.0.2MinorGSDN-15Automatically deploy NuGet packagesClosedFixed
1.0.2MinorGSDN-19Automatic deployment to SourceForge during releaseClosedFixed
1.0.2MinorGSDN-18Redirect to again after change of domain registrarClosedFixed
1.0.2MinorGSDN-23Make the release process configurableClosedFixed
1.0.2MinorGSDN-11Integrate JIRA change log in site generationClosedFixed
1.0.2MinorGSDN-6Describe setup of development environmentClosedFixed
1.0.2TrivialGSDN-16Add "Follow on Twitter", "Facebook like" and "Google+ 1" links in siteClosedFixed
1.0.2TrivialGSDN-17Automtically tweet about the new version during releaseClosedFixed
1.0.2TrivialGSDN-22Move the NuGet packages folder to target so 'mvn clean' will remove itClosedFixed
1.0.2TrivialGSDN-20Move NuGet push into the grinderscript-dotnet module, so everything gets distributed from the same moduleClosedFixed
1.0.1MajorGSDN-1Documentation links are broken in sub modules. Works fine from the parent/root moduleClosedFixed
1.0.1MajorGSDN-9Verification module is missing required filesClosedFixed
1.0.1MajorGSDN-14Manual release of v 1.0.1ClosedFixed
1.0.1MinorGSDN-8Make it possible to automatically install and/or deploy Jni4Net during a normal build, since it's not available in a public repoClosedFixed
1.0.1MinorGSDN-4Remove any dependencies on the Maven pluging for GrinderClosedFixed
1.0.1MinorGSDN-10Include issue management section in Pom, no that we have JIRA OnDemand setupClosedFixed
1.0.1MinorGSDN-5All module POM's should have a proper descriptionClosedFixed