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Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

GrinderScript.Net :: PackagerThis module is used to package the various parts of GrinderScript.Net into one distributable package
GrinderScript.Net :: Java To .Net BridgeThis module is used to generate the Jni4Net artifacts needed for marshalling calls between the JVM and the CLR
GrinderScript.Net :: External packagesThis module is used to install and/or deploy the external artifacts they are not available in any public repositories from a local copy
GrinderScript.Net :: FrameworkThis module contains the .Net implementation of GrinderScript.Net. This is the core of GrinderScript.Net, which contains all the interfaces and framework classes you interact with when writing your load tests
GrinderScript.Net :: SamplesThis is the source for the NuGet samples package
GrinderScript.Net :: Grinder Script EngineThis module contains the thin java layer that implements the Grinder Script Engine. Its purpose is to load the .Net side of GrinderScript.Net so The Grinder can call your load tests.
GrinderScript.Net :: VerifierThis module is used to verify that the Java and .Net sides of GrinderScript.Net works together as expected when called from The Grinder. Most of the code in this module is just a raw installation of our NuGet samples package